Thursday, September 14, 2023

What is Astrology? Who are Chiron and Chariklo?


What is Astrology?

Astrology is a language unfolded by the Cosmos that connects us with It and expresses our spiritual evolution. While the birth chart represents an inner landscape that matches heavens at the moment we were born. We are placed just in the middle, or better said, our heart is placed in the middle of the chart, so it represents our heart unfolded using the language of the Cosmos. A language that we can use and read depending on our consciousness for our best evolution in this life. It is the reason for us to be here…

As we understand it better, it’s easy to become who we are meant to become. Because the Soul has its own journey that is unique and different from the rest of us. For all of these, we can say that each chart is sacred because it expresses the sacredness and uniqueness of our hearts. 

The Soul’s journey encompasses timelines different from this one we are living in. and astrology can help to guide us and increase our consciousness, so we can fulfill the purpose of our soul for this lifetime… a purpose that is intricately woven with our multidimensionality and interdimensionality, as part of our mystery as human beings. 

We know that as above, so below. Thus, we can say that the language of the planets tells us something about ourselves (past, present and future as it is not constricted to linear time), but it’s up to us to listen to it, as we have free will.

Our chart holds our potential Life Journey that lies ahead of us with the possible challenges we can encounter, but also the possible solutions to overcome them.

Because, in reality, we live from within to without…

And in this context: Who are Chiron and Chariklo?

Chiron is a centaur that is a master healer, a shaman of the solar system that takes us on a vision quest (consciously or unconsciously) and the healer teacher. As a centaur, he is part god (immortal), part human and part animal, a trinity that also lives within us representing our spirituality, our rationality and our intuition connected to Mother Earth and our body.

The planets named centaurs orbit across other planets orbits, meaning that it crosses different parts of our consciousness. In the case of Chiron, it comes in front of Saturn (it means that it comes into manifestation).

And he has a beloved partner: Chariklo.

The planet Chariklo is larger than Chiron, and its orbital period is a little longer: it takes 62 years to complete its orbit around the Sun while Chiron needs around 50-51 years. She has a double halo and two rings while Chiron seems that has one ring, and comes deeper into the solar system.

While Chiron points us to our deeper wound to explore and recognize it so we can heal it, Chariklo opens the best space for us to heal deep our Soul wound. Because she is a mermaid connected to fluidity, flow, merging with water/emotions/feelings, shapeshifter from the heart because she was able to shapeshift her original form for the love of Chiron and become a centaur, thus she could be with him in the mountains, be at his side, while helping him to heal and teach. But also she was a wounded warrior, because she left her original home and roots (the streams and lakes and their surroundings, the ceaseless song of the waters, the shimmering sparkles of light in the water surface when the Sun and the Moon shone and the slipping rocks and pebbles) to be with her love. And she was able, with all of her love and healing qualities, to help him to continue his work, offering him the music of the waters while holding the best energy and space for Chiron to do his work.

Chariklo supports Chiron work, strengthens his work for the highest outcome and enhances Chiron special healing. But she also can hold us during transitional processes and shamanic practices (if we feel called to them). 

Chiron is holistic, lives in the moment, in the Eternal Present, he is about healing primal wounds, opening awareness and cultivating holistic consciousness of our self to become whole. While Chariklo flows, she is more etheric and part of the quantum realm because she can change frequencies and form from the heart. She represents the Divine healer, the Spirit Medicine, while Chiron represents the Shamanic Healer, the Earth Medicine, uniting in this way both, heavens and earth within us. 

She gives sense to our physical space, including our bodies and our energy field around us. She guides us to awaken and she is related to miracles, creation of new ways of being, protection and destiny from compassion and deep understanding of who we are. She has a gentle energy that reminds us of the love and kindness that live within us to help us and others to uplift our consciousness.The position of Chariklo in our charts, in sign and house, indicates the best healing energy space able to hold our wound and heal it.

Both, Chariklo and Chiron, represent the divine feminine and masculine healing energies. When in balance they can bring a deep healing sense that offers us harmony, peace and unity to our body, mind and soul. For me (and also other astrologers), they both are co-rulers of the Virgo sign, together with Mercury. Therefore, their presence can be better felt during the Virgo season: from 22nd August to 22nd September, a good moment to take some time for us and go within, connect with the Earth and Cosmos natural rhythms and ask us about the wound we carry. But also the best way for us to heal it.

Because Chariklo inspires us to look beyond the physical realm into the heart and its mysteries, to look into the unknown that already lives within us, reminding us that only from love can we reshape ourselves and be whole again. In meditation, we can call upon her, open our heart space to receive and  feel her Light Essence as a way to receive guidance to find the right remedies, tinctures, herbs and healing wisdom we need at the moment.

Are we ready?

Sunday, August 27, 2023

A New Magic Talent is Unfolding: Interdimensionality

 Dear Precious Ones,

You all already know that we are beautiful multidimensional beings, in particular after receiving your wondrous Galactic Astrology Soul Reading. You know that our Souls have a presence in different dimensions and realms simultaneously. Meaning that our presence here is a precious part of Who We Are, and a very needed one! 

But there’s more…

Because we also are interdimensional beings.

What is interdimensionality?

It is a characteristic of every realm and dimension, including the 3D, that allows us to tap into different timelines all at once, and experience and live them.

Until now we have almost experienced the 3D reality as something difficult and hard to live in because we have been locked into a linear time where only experiences arise from fear. And from it, guilt, low self-esteem, violence, abuse of power, wars, lack of peace and understanding and polarity.

But in reality every dimension has a myriad of timelines connected to our consciousness (the way to experience our reality and how we respond to it together with the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we have). And each one has its own reality, beings, surroundings, landscapes, as for example, the different realities within the Inner Earth.

And humanity is not different from the rest of the Universe, we can tap into them and live them. Only that we have been locked into only one very narrow timeline that only allows us, and all living beings, to live from a very dense consciousness (based on a lack of love that we sense as an inner void, that is felt as fear). And this 3D prison has mainly been created through manipulating our history, twisting our minds and forcing us to believe and acknowledge something that we didn’t experience. Also they (deep state if we want to put a name on the dense beings that have manipulated and imprisoned humanity and all living beings on Earth, including the planet) have projected different holographic realities into the collective unconscious for many centuries, twisting our own memories of what we had lived. And in this way, we ended up disconnecting from our own realities, memories and inner being. Little by little a narrow linear timeline was created that left aside all that no longer served to increase fear and an inner void, creating a lack of creativity and capacity to nurture and heal ourselves.

Since the 23th of August that Mercury went retrograde, some magic opportunity has opened. Because Mercury is the magician, in particular related to time. And when it slows down and goes retrograde, is a time to enter into the realm of the intuitive mind, put aside the logic and experience the magic that is already within us. It’s a time to allow us for the mysteries of our hearts to unfold within. And this time, one of the magic is related to the mysteries of the interdimensionality.

It means that from now, and especially while Mercury retrograde, we can allow ourselves to open to the interdimensionality as an inner talent. It is time, if we want, to open more our intuitive minds and enter deeply into them… exploring them and opening new doors to new/old realms and experiencing that alternative realities already exist around us, but we haven’t seen them because we have been trapped into the fear based linear timeline. Moreover, we can be part of them while having our physical vessel and live their realities as part of our own. In this way our consciousness expands more and also our minds and hearts. And we begin to tap into the infinite realities that already exist in our realm. Because although we are ascending, it doesn’t mean that the 3D is bad and we have to leave it behind. In reality is a realm where we can experience what it means being part of a physical realm where everybody and being occupy a space “separated” from us. And that we have to move physically to go from one point to another. Also it is a realm where it is more difficult to materialize what we desire from our hearts: we have to use a lot of willpower to do that. But it doesn't mean that we have to live from the perspective of a lack of love, no. We can live it from our hearts if we want and in this way, we contribute to uplift its frequencies.

Once we allow ourselves to open to the interdimensionality (in particular the throat and solar plexus chakras are more involved), maybe at the beginning we can experience some fear, because the well known linear timeline gives us a sense of comfortability, it’s our comfort zone!  We know it and how things work: one thing after another, one step back and two steps forward, the kind of people that we expect to encounter, and causality (one thing only can happen if another has already happened previously).

As we open to our interdimensionality talent, we begin to experience time differently, maybe that it moves, that it is not something fixed. And we begin to perceive alternative realities (or parallel realities) with our third eye, or even with our physical senses. At the beginning they can be like a sudden flash that dims as quick as it appeared. But as we quiet our minds and hearts, we can experience different realities. In particular when we are amidst the Nature. Because for Nature and all its beings interdimensionality is normal. Every tree is able to hold different realms all at once. Every boulder is able to be a subtle portal that opens us to other physical worlds that exist within the Earth. And every river, creek and lake can hold different dimensions at once because every water molecule is multidimensional, as well as the air molecules. So they hold within them all the potentialities of every realm and dimension.

Dear Ones, this is a time to open more to our magic and creative energies, to open more to the realms that our consciousness holds, and explore more Who We Really Are.

In this way we can detach easily from the 3D fear based reality we have lived until now, while entering more effortlessly to the higher levels of the 4D and into the 5D and beyond.

In this way we are entering into the vastness of the Cosmos and be part of it consciously…

With Love and Light,


Tuesday, August 1, 2023



These new astrology projects are about to read you natal chart in different ways and offer new perspectives of understanding, learning and healing yourself. 

They can be read after a Galactic Astrology Soul Reading, as a way to keep track of what is going on within you, or independently. But always they offer an open path for you to go deeply within and knowing more what is good for you to heal and overcome from now on that is blocking your path or that stuck you in the same situation once and again. That could be from other lifetimes or from this one.

Here they are:

1. The Divine Masculine and how it projects into our lives, within the layout of Sedna:                     This reading is focused on working with the different dimensions of your Cosmic Masculine, from the highest one represented by the Kuiper Belt Object, Manwë, to the lowest one, or more physical, that is represented by Mars. And in between there are Varuna, Saturn and the Sun. They allow us to explore the different layers/dimensions of your masculine energy and how they unfold themselves throughout your life. We also explore the actual placement of these planets (their transits) and how they can help us to overcome situations that we are living while healing them. And put all of this context within the layout created by Sedna that encompasses all of our life.                                                                                            This reading is accompanied by a meditation to help us to align with our Cosmic Masculinity and its different expressions, bringing It in the here and now and integrate It in a practical way within us. This will help us to be more centered and connected with our masculine energies, not matter if we are women or men. That allows us to be well connected with our Eternal Present and our magical and timeless Presence. It helps us to fulfill our being  and unite it with the Heavens and Earth to become a marvelous column of Light and Consciousness able to channel ceaselessly the luminous and loving energies of our Oversoul through our physical body. In this way we are uplifting our consciousness and help to open and expand the consciousness of humanity. Balancing our feminine and masculine energies within we can easily become the marvelous Creator/Creatrix we already are, unfolding our gifts in our everyday lives here on Earth. Therefore, we become co-creators of the new 5D human matrix and Earth, not only for us, but for the next generations to come that maybe, include us as our own descendants...

2. Our Path of Life: what tells us about the pending learning of our pasts, the probable futures to create, challenges we can live, situations we could face and how to transcend them.                           Here we use our Sun, Moon, the lunar nodes South Node-North Node, the Dark Moon Waldemath and the transits of the SN-NN. And within the layout that our natal Sedna gives us and its transits. This will lead us to know better who we are, why we are here and why we have lived certain situations or why we are still stuck in some of them. But also this reading is a way to awaken our precious inner creator/creatrix and become masters of our reality, knowing the best focal point for us to evolve (the North Node) until we are ready to balance the learning that both, the NN and SN, have given us.                 This reading is accompanied by a meditation to help us to explore more our inner dimensions and, day by day, overcome the dense ones while heading towards our NN. Until it arrives a moment when we are prepared to live and manifest the balanced energies of our South Node and North Node, and fill us complete. Or maybe it could be a way to overcome and transcend the learnings that our lunar nodes have given us throughout our life and from that moment on we are able to transcend our natal chart and begin a new path of Life, that can be similar, but with a different planetary background, more actual.

3. The Astrological Couples within and without: our inner Feminine and Masculine energies, the different levels and aspects they can manifest in our lives.                                                               Here we work with Mars/Venus, Chiron/Chariklo, Neptune/Salacia, Manwë/Varda and Pluton/Haumea as a way to explore the different ways and dimensions that our feminine and masculine energies can manifest throughout our life (not matter if we are women or men).                                                               Who are we?                                                                                                                                            How our Feminine and Masculine Energies manifest in the different human realities I live: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual?                                                                                                          There's an imbalance? How can I balance it for the best for me and for all?                                         And how we can use them for our highest good to heal inner wounds, reconnect and recover our true precious potential and gifts, and be the creatrix/creator of our human reality. Because we are much more than we think...                                                                                                                                              This reading can be accompanied by a meditation that will help us to connect and use the marvelous energies of Chariklo, Salacia and Haumea as a way to recover unknown aspects of our precious feminine power and how this planets can work with us to recover more our Soul from our hearts.

4. The Divine Feminine and its different manifestations: Lilith!                                                      Here we work with the asteroid Lilith, the Black Moon Lilith, the Dark Moon Waldemath and the star Algol (a very powerful fixed star) as a way to explore our feminine dimensions (not matter if we are man or woman), to explore and know our blocked or denied feminity, how it can manifest, even in a physical way, how we can deal with and heal our repressed feminity and become the true expressions of our Cosmic Feminine Self.                                                                                                                             This reading will be accompanied by a meditation that will help us to connect with the star Algol and bring its powerful Essence to our hearts to use for our highest good and of all beings around us. And also, as we deepen into the reading, the meditation will be focused on the aspects we need to heal. Therefore, we can overcome them from our hearts and become the wonderful Creatrix/Creator we really are. In this way, we can co-create a new 5D human and Earth reality for us and for the next generations to come.                                                                                                                                                    This reading, as all the other readings, is for women and men alike, as all human beings have feminine and masculine energies within that need to be recognized and expressed through our being. 

All readings cost: 62€

And they can be given to you in a written form or via Skype or Zoom. The meditation will always be recorded in audio form and send it to you via email.

There is also the possibility to give you micro-readings focusing only in one house and its opposite, for example the 4th house of our home and roots and the 10th house of our career and job, or any other pair, as a way to deepen into a part of your life that maybe you are struggling.                                     Any micro-reading costs 25€

I wish you a wonderful day plenty of Love and Light.

With Love, Serene

Thursday, July 20, 2023

A Soul history: Quantum Healing Essence


Dear Precious Ones,

I’m not good at marketing myself. It is something that I don’t like, maybe because it’s a way to expose my being nude. But after the huge transformational process that I have been through the last 10 days that has been manifested in the wonderful and powerful healings that I gave/channeled to my clients it is worth having some words and sharing it, or at least part of it, to all of you…

After that process and realizing the extended magnitude of it, I want to name the kind of healing that I can offer to all of you “Quantum Healing Essence”. Because it encompasses not only this present, but also your previous and alternative lives, your family ancestors and your own as being you your own ancestor, and also many future and alternative lives that involve some generations to come. Although it has always been this way since the beginning of reconnecting with my inner healer and the galactic luminous beings that have guided me in my own healing process, after quitting the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Catalonia Polytechnic University) as a Physics professor and being a mom of my second kid (after that two more came, one after another). But at the beginning I didn’t realize the extension of my healing with so many fronts in my life to deal with. And also because all it’s a process unfolded as time went by, once little by little I began to tap into it more and more until I reached the very depths of it (if they exist). And together with the quantum leap that gave me being a Quantum Galactic Astrologer last year (around this time of the year: at the end of July). That has helped me a lot to tap more deeply into the very depths of the Cosmos, its intricate subtleties and worlds and dimensions.

Until last week when…

One fine day, I was asked by some wonderful benevolent beings that are part of the Council of Five, the Ginvo, but also for some other luminous beings, to go with them to their ships and perform healings.

At the beginning I said that, under my point of view, it was a waste of energy (me being shipped there and then returned) when there already are wonderful healers in this galaxy. But they insisted gently until this morning… when I was shown why I was requested and why the healing that I can provide is different and more holistic than others (and also I was requested to share it to you all)… because my being can channel so many different star energies all at once, and I can channel and be in contact with so many different dimensional worlds all at once that all together provides such a holistic and profound healing that it makes a huge impact. Not only in the life and well-being of the being/client but also for the entire galaxy. 

For the moment I will do that during my sleeping time because it’s easier for me but I know that in a short period of time I will do that during my waking hours (not everyday!) as a way to acquire more knowledge and understanding of what is going on here in the galaxy and learning the best way to help it to evolve and heal. And also to put that knowledge to your service, if it is needed.

And this is possible because of the very Essence of my Soul. Because it is like a huge and vast White Crystal with so many faces that I couldn’t count them. Each face represents a knowledge and wisdom that I have acquired while being in different star systems and dimensions, while living there.

My Soul is ageless, as all souls are, and so ancient that its origins are lost in the depths and history of the Cosmos, like as if I was born in all places all at once!

I’ve been in so many different realms that I cannot count them. I’ve been there exploring them, knowing and embracing them and their beings, their way of living, of being… and almost all the times I’ve been a healer in these realms, a warrior-healer at the very front of every need of the culture and race where I lived while standing up for the well being of their world and for the best of all the galaxy.

Now I’m here, on Earth, grateful for being with all of you, grateful for you all being here with me…

I’ve been here since almost the beginning of the spring of Life. And I never left, being at her side lifetime after a lifetime (or at least a part of me has always been here).

And now is a time to reclaim our rightful place to occupy in this lifetime amidst the chaos, crumbling and rebirthing that is taking place, and amidst the new timelines that are arriving and anchoring as new wonderful opportunities for all of us that are awake and want to evolve more and more. 

And maybe because of that, I’m writing these words. As a way to share with all of you a tiny bit of myself…

So, if you feel that you want or need healing, here I am. 

And with me, all the precious benevolent beings that are part of this galaxy are also at my side, at your side, ready to help you anytime you need it.

Thank you for being here.

With Love and Light,


Thursday, July 6, 2023

Sun conjunct Sirius, the magic of the number 3, and Flowing...

Dear Precious Ones,

Today 6th of July  is a special day, because our Sun is in exact conjunction with the star Sirius, a Beherian star, that is the main star of the constellation of the Canis Major, at 8.6 light years of distance

from the Earth. 

And as the heavens inform us of their mysteries, we also inform them because we are not separate but One.

Sirius is a triple star system composed by Sirius A, B and C... bringing the magic of the number

3 with it. The number three nudges us to surrender to Who We Really Are so, we can connect

with our unique inner child through our unique thinking, our creative expression, our joy and love

to play. It brings us the joy of being alive and part of a greater community, part of a universal

community of Love and Light...

Because now it is a good time to be detached and go beyond our lineal thinking and our lineal

doing... going beyond the lineal timeline where our lives move and our mind is always thinking

about “what I have to do next”.

Now it is time to embrace our uniqueness.

But how can we do this?

A good way is meditating... going within... within our hearts...

go deeper and deeper within your heart, without being afraid of being lost or lose touch of the

lineal reality. Because it is just what we need to do... going beyond it as a way to expand and

reach our eternity, our timeless precious being.

In this way we can expand beyond our physical reality and the 3D, while entering into a 4D, 5D

or 6D realm... then, it is here, in the flow of Life and Love, that we reconnect and retrieve our

precious Being and skills.

It is here that we can remember Who We Really Are and bring it to the here and now.

... It is here where we flow beyond the 3D crumbled reality and are protected, safe and lovely


Flow, Precious Ones...

Allow you to flow beyond any known physical reality and embrace the unknown living realities

that await for us just one step ahead. Because they are also us, and represent a real us. They

are aligned with the Cosmic Laws of Love and Light, thus they are real and nothing can

dismantle them. While our being is part of them, embracing them...

Now it is time to embrace it and be detached of the known while entering to new realms to

explore and discover colorful and endless possibilities to manifest that fulfill our hearts and

reconnect us with the precious melodies and sounds of our Souls...

Now it is time to open more our hearts, go more within them and discover the exquisite realms

that we hold within... time to love us more for who we really are...

With Love and Light,


Monday, May 1, 2023

About Dragons

 About Dragons (May 1st, 2023)

This morning while meditating, all of a sudden a lovely Golden Fire Dragon came to me. And while blending our energies together, he began to share some information about their origins and mission…

They began to exist in the 9D realm once part of its energy began to awaken and be conscious if itself… As it began to be more conscious, its energy started to swirl, move and contract itself amidst many wonderful colors that were part of the process and pulled towards the new forms of life, until it took form. At the beginning the new creature was almost blended with its surroundings, until as time went by, it consolidated as what we now know as a dragon.

The first dragons were Fire creatures, but very soon new dragons emerged from the element of Water, Air and Earth, as the 9D is the last one that living beings can have a physical form. Because, once in higher dimensions, the physical bodies of the beings that live there begin to melt and dissolve within the high luminous energies around them until only what is left of them is their Essence, or Spirit, with its own consciousness.

Dragons are a collective of wonderful creatures that exist in many different constellations as creators and guardians of planets and nature. Their consciousness is part of a Collective Consciousness that encompass many dimensions (from 5D to 11D) and that is formed by all the Dragons Collective Consciousness (the dragons from Orion, from the Pleiades, from Cetus, from interstellar realms or pockets of high dimensional energies…). Although each one of them have their own unique consciousness that contributes to create and evolve the collective consciousness.

They establish the main foundations based on the elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth from which the template of a planet is created. But also they co-create together with the planet and other luminous beings the best suited nature and environment for the planet to evolve with all future beings that will come and live on that planet.

Dragons mostly work and collaborate with non-human races. Although they also can collaborate with human races if they are asked to.

However, as they are also involved with the Earth planet, and with some humans incarnated here, now it is time for them to return and begin to re-create this wonderful planet together with the humans that want to evolve.

Not all dragons were created from the 9D. Some sprang from the Primordial Nebula that was formed once the Primordial Source of Light and Love of this Universe, or Creatrix/Creator, took consciousness of Itself. And those were dark dragons. Dark dragons had participated in some galactic wars as partners and servants of the Ciakahrr Empire (Reptilians). They were genetically manipulated to be only in service of their masters and they were used as destructive tools of war.

There exist many different types of dragons that cover almost all manifestations of the gifts of the Source: Love, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity… and many of them are a blend of the different elements, such as fire-water, air-water and so on. There are also Dragon Ascended Masters that live in the 10D and 11D as pure consciousness and that have evolved after eons of learning, mastering their abilities and sharing them for the best of all life in the Universe.

Dragons can assist the archangelic energies as co-creators.

They are powerful energies, but also very lovely and gentle.

The one that came to me is a Golden Fire Dragon that works together with the Devas of the Crystalline Fire that I perceived as parallelepiped rhomboids that came to me and were melting with my energy field (if you want to know more about this kind of Devas I suggest you to read “Downloads from the Nine: awaken as you read”, by Matias Flury, as a kindle book in Amazon, although few of the food advices that they give are not correct as when they advice taking chlorella, when it is much better to intake spirulina. But I suppose that it comes from the author himself).

The Golden Dragon gave me a lovely definition of Prosperity: prosperity is the physical fruits we receive once we give and share our creativity to Life. And I saw different examples of it: a book, a painting, a son/daughter. As they are given and shared with Life, their energy resonates with the energy fields around. And as a result, the product of that resonance is given back to us as prosperity (all that goes returns). That depends on the kind of gifts that they represent and the pattern of what we think prosperity means (nowadays mostly is money).

And also it said that it is time to begin the restoration of the planet as well as the restoration and deep healing of our bodies while rekindling our consciousness as part of All. Because we are much more than we think and feel. And now it is time to remember Who We Really Are, to return to being an active part of this galaxy and BE whole again…

With Love and Light,


Sunday, March 26, 2023

Saturn in Piscis and Aries season of 2023

Dear Precious Souls, this week, accompanied by the astrological events that are taken place, we are living powerful downloads of new templares and Light Codes that are about to anchor within our bodies and without us.
They remind us that today is the first day of the rest of our lives... that the only time that really exists is this magnificent present... and that the only matters is our luminous Presence because is a gamechanger of all realities that, as humanity, we have been living here on Earth...
For that, I would like to share with you my experiences and reflexions:

"Dear Ones, I invite you to connect with Saturn these days of the Aries season that will last until the 20th of April.
I know that this planet is associated with karma and restriction. But, in reality, it is much more. Because its precious energy and luminous being offers us the possibility to anchor who we want to be in the here and now and create our own heathy boundaries to be safe and protected. Is there some aspect of ourselves that until now we have been struggling to embody and manifest? Or that we wanted to live but it seemed not possible? Now there’s a window of opportunity to bring that missing part to the here and now.

But there’s more…
We are living in a time of transition where the time, itself, is transitioning.
And Saturn brings us the awareness of the transition of the timelines. While Aries gives us the opportunity to open within us a beautiful safe space that we can fill up with new ideas and new aspects of ourselves.

For all of that, Saturn gives us a gentle nudge and reminds us that it is time to choose what aspect, or which aspects, of our Spiritual Self we want to embody and bring them to the here and now… it is time to choose and embody a new Me.

And doing so, we are changing our timeline while contributing to change the collective one. And also we are contributing to change the Earth’s magnetism while we are retrieving parts of our Soul into our bodies and with them, we are bringing our own magnetic field to be more and more Present. That’s why the magnetic field of Earth is decreasing its frequency for some time: to allow us to bring our own magnetism here and create a new safe space for our Soul to explore and manifest.
And the time has arrived… it is Now…

With Love and Light,

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